Star Trek 2009

Star Trek 2009 has the following technical features:

  • Voices: English
  • Subtitles: Dutch, English, French
  • Playtime: 122 Minutes
  • Type: Scifi
  • Price tag: I believe 8 Euros or so.

Being a fan of the original star trek series, the ones with William Shatner as captain Kirk, I was a bit hesitant to buy a movie with a completely new cast. But reading some reviews I thought I would give it a chance. The story is in any case a typical ‘star trek’ story. Including Romulans, time travel and firing phasers. It has the fantasy of the original series but, and this contrary to the previous ‘Star Trek’ movies, the pace of a modern movie. To top if off the original Spock also plays a role as the ‘old’ spock. The film directed by JJ Abrams has a very distinguished look. Everything looks very dynamic, which is especially surprising when you see how they pulled it off. For the latter see the extras on the DVD.

I can recommend this movie to anyone who liked the original series.


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