The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Technical details:

  • Voices: English, Turkish
  • Subtitles: English, Dutch, Danish, Fin, Icelandic, Nordic, Swedish, Turkish
  • PAL
  • 5.1 DTS
  • Playtime: 106 minutes
  • Extras: Comentaries, Removed scenes, Making of etc.
  • Type: Fantasy
  • Two disc edition
  • Price tag: between 7 and 10 €
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I didn’t think too much of the  movie while reading the back of the box. “A captain, a hunter, a strong man, a vampire, an invisible man and someone who can’t die have to save the world”. Well it can’t get anymore ‘cliche’ than that. However this movie, based on a book, has all the right ingredients, humor, adventure and romance (ok your mileage may vary on that last one 🙂 ).

It is fun to see who the main characters really are, so I won’t spoil the fun here. This movie has a lot of FX and is really fun to watch. Although completely different, I can imagine, this would appeal to people who like a movie like ‘Indiana Jones’.

One of the main characters, played by Sean Connery, dies at the end. However it leaves the possibility of a sequel open, and I can only hope one will be created.

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