The Legend of Zorro

Technical details:

  • Voices: English
  • Subtitles: English, Dutch, Hindi
  • Dolby 5.1
  • Extras: Deleted scenes, Commentaries, Making of etc.
Legend of Zorro

Legend of Zorro

Back in the 70-ties, when I watched zorro on my parent’s black and white TV set, about 7 years old, and discovering the world around me, two questions taunted me.

  • What color was Zorro’s cape,
  • and why for heaven’s sake was his image on a bottle of sherry?

It took quite some years to find out that his cape was just black (what a disappointment). Why his image was associated with sherry, was something this movie might reveal.

You know being a superhero is just not as easy as you would think. Obviously there are problems with the kids, being away all the time due to your superhero duties, and the pressure that goes with it. Of course this imposes a lot of stress and one good way to fight stress is with alcohol. Now about 40 years later I finally understand why Zorro is on that bottle of sherry! Yup, he is a good candidate for AA.

Problems with the wife and kid, appearing drunk at a party. That pretty sums up this movie. Of course the bright candle lights, the barrels of wine, and warm nights makes for some good looking camera shots, however, it can’t save the movie. There is some superhero action at the beginning and end of the movie but nothing in between. I think they could have made a nice movie with the same effort. Not sure to whom this movie is supposed to appeal. People interested in social interaction aren’t likely to buy a movie with Zorro in the title, likewise someone who want to see a superhero solving the worlds problems isn’t going to be satisfied seeing his/(her) superhero succumb to alcohol.

If you are interested in a superhero’s social problems, then this, is the movie to watch, if not then just skip this one.

This DVD I got from the bargain bin, and that is where it should have stayed.

Final verdict, don’t buy.


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