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About Fractal's

A fractal is some structure that, when one zooms in, indefinitely repeats itself. For instance the crystalline snowflake or the branches of a tree.

Lots of natural structures have more or less the same appearance as fractals. Since it only takes little code, to create complex structures, fractals have become quite popular in computer generated graphics. For instance the famous program FractInt

How it Works (for the mathematically inclined).

This particular fractal (mandelbrot set) is calculated as follows the:
  • X-axe is the real part of a complex number.
  • Y-axe the imaginary part of a complex number.

Now this number is multiplied by itself until

  • the length of the resulting vector exceeds a predefined length or
  • the number of iterations exceeds a predefined number

Now we take the number of iterations and assign a color to it. In my applet the lower the number of iterations the darker the pixel. Or to put it in other words less dynamic give brighter pixels. However for pixels where the number of iterations exceeds a predefined value no color is assigned in some browser that means black and in other white (yeap, that is not right, I should color them white).


Downloading FracHunt

FracHunt is a Win95/Win98/NT4.0 application that is easy to use.

With FracHunt you can save your rendered picture as a windows background, POV-Ray heightfield, bmp, png or wmf file.

It has a lot of coloring and fractal functions and comes with an extensive help.

You can download frachunt for free. There is a windows and a linux i386 download available.

Windows Users


Download frac115.exe and double-click frac115.exe to start installation.

Linux (i386) Wine Users

Download and install Wine

Then frachunt.tar.gz and "tar zxvf frachunt.tar.gz" frachunt in your wine root directory.

You should now be able to start wine as:

wine frachunt.exe

The help pages won't work under Linux. However I have them online for your convenience.