Blue Flower

Ron AF Greve's mastermint

There are two mastermint games.

  • The regular mastermint game.
  • Mastermint super De Luxe (the one, you connect to that internal virtual printer port).

Well, the "De Luxe" edition has the advantage that you can play against your PC also the board has 24-karat inlay. The regular, master mint game, you can buy in a shop near you. The "De Luxe" edition you can play here for free!

And this tremendous offer comes with a full, money back, guarantee. Yes, siree, every dime you paid back into your bank account if you are not satisfied (by the game that is).

Why isn't this game called masterMIND? (To avoid getting the pants sued off us (Quote from "Sam & Max hit the road")). Hey, you don't really think you're a mastermind because you figured out the color of some stupid mints. You gotta do more than that, proof that the theory of relativity doesn't hold and or the kinetic energy doesn't equal (m - m0)c*c (where m0 is the mass in rest). Well enough bogus, time for something serious.



Download for Windows and Linux(x86)

This is my good old mastermind game and most downloaded program from my site. Oh, yes before I forget you need a display height and width of at least 768x768! Warning it is free but christian-ware :-)

Here you go! It is free so why not download it?

I have a tar.gz file for linux users and a self installing executable for windows users.

Windows Users

Important update: It's been quite a few years back when I wrote this program. Trying to install it on Win7 x64 was a bit more trouble than I expected. However the solution is easy. Download the file. Then run it as ADMINISTRATOR. If you do not do that it won't allow you to copy MFC and the installation will fail.

Windows users can download it here. After downloading, doubleclick mami101.exe to start the auto-installation.

Linux (wine/x86) Users

Linux users should donwload and install wine then download mastermind.tar.gz. After that "tar zxvf mastermind.tar.gz" in your wine root directory.

Then mastermind can be started as:

wine mastermind.exe