1 About MeAndMyGall

This chapter contains general information about MeAndMyGall

3.1 How was it created

MeAndMyGall was written in Microsoft Visual C++. It uses the CxImage library. Which in turn uses the png, jpeg and many other libraries. I excluded any library that violate a copyright. (So MeAndMyGall can't, for instance, read GIF files because the patent didn't expired yet at the time of writing).

The zlib library was used in CxImage as well as in my setup program.

The help pages where created with the html compiler. I edited them with vim.

I also used the tidy html service to debug these html help pages.

The Gimp was used to create the graphics for the help pages.

3.2 Why was it created

I created MeAndMyGall to be able to create an online gallery of art I made in the past. Knowing myself I would change resolutions layout etc. almost infinetely. So I figured it would be faster to write a little simple program to do that. However while I was creating the program I decided to create a full blown application. This way it might be of use to someone else too.

It became a little more work then I had aniticipated, initially, so I hope someone out there finds it useful too :-)

3.3 Who created it?

This program was created by Ron AF Greve. Visit my website at http://informationsuperhighway.eu.

3.4 MeAndMyGall Distribution

You can distribute this program for free under the following conditions.

  • You are not allowed to modify the distribution package in any way. You are allowed however to compress the whole package.
  • Ron AF Greve can at any time revoke the rights to use this program. As soon as you have knowledge of the facts that the right to use the program is revoked, you wil stop using the program and destroy any copies of it.

That last line is meant as a protection for myself in case this program might violate some patent, though I don't think it violates some patent, but one can never be sure.

Copyright © 2004 by Ron AF Greve http://informationsuperhighway.eu+31878753207