Pollux's MasterMint

There are two mastermint games.

  • The regular mastermint game.
  • Mastermint super de luxe (the one, which you can connect to that internal virtual printer port).

Well, the "de luxe" edition has the advantage that you can play against your PC also the board has 24-karat inlay. The regular, master mint game, you can buy in a shop near you. The "De Luxe edition you can play here for free!

And this tremendous offer comes with a full money back guarantee. Yes, siree every dime you paid back on your bank account if you are not satisfied (by the game that is).

Why isn't this game called masterMIND?

(To avoid getting the pants sued off us (Quote from "Sam & Max hit the road")) Hey, you don't really think youre a mastermind because you figured out the color of some stupid mints. You gotta do more than that, proof that the theory of relativity doesn't hold and or the kinetic energy doesn't equal (m - m0)c*c (where m0 is the mass in rest).

Well enough bogus, time for something serious.


Here are the rules for playing the game.

You or the computer has to figure out the combination of colors the other one has in mind. You can place mints on the board by clicking on the large mints (or small mints when the computer tries to figure out the combination). And while keeping your mouse button pressed dragging the mint to it's location and release (dropping) the mouse button.

The little mints are the mints for the score:

  • Little Blue mint Right Place, Right Color.
  • Little White mint Right Color.


You can either play against the computer or the computer against you.

I made up the algorithm to let the computer play and if I do say so myself I did a fine job. :-)

You can also download a windows version of the mastermind game. You must have at least a display height and width of 768x768!

The windows version has of course much better graphics and animation.

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Download your own free mastermind game today. This is a selfextracting executable of 3,972,634 Bytes.

Download your own freeware mastermind game here!

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