The dawning

World symbol of greater plan

According to the bible we are here to separate right from wrong. To make us better understand what is going on and why we are here, most things in this world are an image of a greater plan. Like for instance sleeping is an image of living in this world for that greater plan.

This is not all there is.


When we sleep the dream-world we then live in, how odd it may be, seems very realistic. The same way this world seems very realistic. But actually are soul doesn't live in this world, we don't stop living when our body dies. For the computer fanatics when you log out from a chat box or something like that, other people stop "seeing" you. Of course everybody knows you didn't die but you just turned your computer off.

Figure 1 Jesus Christ: "This is my blood you drink"

Adults can decide for themselves.

When we were small children lots of things were forbidden because we just could not decide for our self what was good for us and what not. The older we get the more responsible we are for our deeds and less things are forbidden because we can decide for ourself and understand the consequences of the things we do.

Figure 2 Jesus Christ: "This is my body you eat"

Spiritual adults decide for themselves.

The same applies when we spiritually mature. In the old testament lots of things were forbidden spiritually child's). In the new testament we understand that the only thing that is important is not to harm each other. We shouldn't need all the laws of the old testament because we are on that threshold of becoming spiritual adults by now.

Unfortunately the bible is often misused to forbid people all kinds of things, giving Christianity a bad name to some people. But one should really read something that important themselves.

Well I could go on and on and... but I hope this text will make a (small) difference to someone, somewhere out there.

I like the ideas of the World Wide (no not Web :-) ) Church of God very much.

Lucky the lion eaten by man;
he will become a man.
Unlucky the man eaten by a lion;
he will become a beast.

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