Pollux's TicTacToe

About Pollux's TicTacToe

Pollux's TicTacToe is one of the many TicTacToe games on the web.

It doesn't play a very good game but has the advantage of user defined 'N on a row' and user defined columns and it's fast even with large fields.

  • To start the game fill in the desired board size
  • The number of pictures on a row
  • Press 'Start TicTacToe'
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TicTacToe Manual

Well for those people who never heard of TicTacToe here are the rules.

The computer and you tries to get N on a row. This can either be horizontal diagonal or vertical.

The one who first has N of his own pictures on a row wins.

Finally a game that doesn't give you headaches huh?

Many people wanted to see the source code of this game. Statistic analisys of this page by

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